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Semi Test Solutions, Inc. strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced products

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STS focus on general and specialized test and measurement & Semiconductor Capital Equipment euipments addressing the electronics industry in the CA region.

STS charter is centered around the semiconductor, RF & Networking industry & focuses mainly on the back-end of the semiconductor manufacturing process. The key focused areas are failure analysis, device characterization, QA, reliability, packaging test/assembly, burn-in, product engineering, sort, production/final test and ATE.

STS goal is to continue to be the premier leader in representing companies with solutions that address the rapidly changing and technologically demanding semiconductor industry. It is our desire to be able to answer the needs of our customers with superior products and companies behind them. Our knowledge, expertise, support, and contacts in the industry is our strengths.

STS provides high performance solutions for advanced applications by representing the finest companies in their fields. We support our companies by providing a high degree of technical skill and account knowledge. Our approach to doing this is by first understanding the customer's requirements, and then applying the best available technology to address these requirements.

STS strives to be responsive to our customers' needs, especially after-sales support. Our main philosophy is to work with our customers and principal companies in a "partnership sales" approach, which strengthens our relationships and promotes growth for all involved. The measure of our success is based on these relationships.